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Wonder Group Attended Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 (IAA) was held at Messe Convention and Exhibition Center in Frankfurt from September 10 to 22. Angela Dorothea Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, attended the opening ceremony and expressed her sincere welcome to the exhibitors and visitors home and abroad.

As the leading international platform for the global automotive industry, IAA attracted the attention of the world focusing on the hottest brands, the very latest developments in mobility and core components. Wonder Group was invited to participate in the exhibition and showed its latest innovative achievements including airbag cell, multi-function steering wheel, and two-in-one powertrain system (motor+controller), etc. These high-end products have won recognization among various OEM and component companies. Many giants of the industry such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Continent and Tenneco, etc. have come to the booth of Wonder to conduct business communication during the show.

Zeng Qingdong, president of Wonder Group, pointed out that the Group will continue to enhance its capabilities in automation, interconnection, electrification, and sharing to follow the international trend. Based on the advantages of tier-1 supplier resources, efficient and flexible local supply chain and the power of Wonder Automotive Europe GmbH, the Group will continuously promote transformation, upgrading and the process of internationalization to build up new image on the world stage.
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